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Jun 30, 2008
How many times can my son take the CFA, I had heard that it was unlimited, however what is the last date that the Academy will look at an updated test?
He is planning on taking the test next week. I want him to be done already so we can begin the wait.
You son must submit his CFA form as part of his admission package if he wants the Admission Board to review his package for Scholastic Qualification (one of the three "Qs" is the Triple Qualification).

Candidates should submit all forms of the application as soon as possible to be competitive. The deadline for submitting all forms is March 1st. Once a candidate has submitted the CFA and all the other forms, their package will trip and be pushed in front of the Board. The Board meets weekly from August through mid-April.

Sooooo, if your son has all the other forms in his package submitted, he may only need to take it once theoretically.

I would not wait till March 1st. Nominations are closing out the end of October and as soon as noms start to hit the system the Board is going to start going active on appointment offers.
Worried candidate

Hey my name is Michael,
My application is complete except the CFA, but I have been practicing my CFA and I am a bit scared about my scores. (especially the pull ups!). I took a practice test and these are the scores I got:
BB throw 58'
pull ups 4
shuttle run 9.5
sit ups 89
push ups 55
mile 7:21
Are these scores adequate?
I also didn't know if the CFA as to be in to get a LOA? Sorry to hit you with a bunch of questions but I can't get a solid answer. Thanks.
The CFA is a pass/fail thing. Your scores are definitely passing, so I wouldn't worry about it.

However, if you do get accepted, you need to bump the scores a little.
Your goals should be:

Be able to run at least 3 miles comfortably
Run a mile and a half in 9 minutes
101 Sit-Ups
101 Push-Ups

Those scores will allow you to max out the PRT (if/when you have to take it at USNA) and will make for a very easy Plebe Summer...

Good luck!

dang parkhurst when are people finally going to read how the CFA is now on a points system lol like i have seen you post???
CFA scores

How do the points work and what is a passing point score? or a good point score?

I got:

6:45 mile
9 Pullups
50 pushups
75 situps
70 something bball throw
11s on shuttle run ( I might retake just because of this, we took it at the SS on wet astro turf and I had on these really bad puma running shoes with literally a flat tractionless bottom. I wasnt really trying to blow out my knee that day)


Hampton Cokeley

Thank you so much for getting back to me (Most people I talk to take weeks to get an answer)
I do have one more questions though, do I need to have my CFA in to get my LOA because I would love to train more for it to get better scores.

That's ok, Harv. It changed a couple of years ago after being Pass/Fail for a very long time. Here is the new scored CFA description (second paragraph).

Though not the same as the CFA, USNA has posted minimum PRT scores on the Admissions website. If a candidate would like to see 'minimums' to clear, these are probably pretty close...just adjust for a one-mile run and realize pull-ups/flex-hang are in the CFA.

Generally, your CFA has to be submitted along with your required documents before the Admissions Board will review your record for academic and physical aptitude qualification (two parts of the Triple Q). At this point in the candidate cycle I recommend getting your full application package in to CGO, make sure you nomination sources have your nomination applications, and start gearing towards an offer of appointment.

Best of luck and Go Navy!
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follow up

Well Mr. Parkhusrt are my scores still good even if it is graded by points and not pass fail?