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    i have received my nomination for the AF Academy from my congressman. However, I have been injured from football for sometime. I will not be able to finally conduct my CFA until Dec. 19th? Will this hurt me? And I unserstand I have until the 29th. I would like to know if this could in any way delay my appointment or hurt my chances. Thank you
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    Walk97, sorry to hear about your injuries. I hope you will be all healed and ready to complete your CFA by the 19th. I think the only way it will hurt you is if you do poorly on your CFA. If this is the first time you are taking it and you fail, according to the Candidate Kit, if you are competitive you will be given another chance to pass and USAFA will give you a specific date to re-test. If this is your second time taking it, you had better knock it out of the park. I don't think the question is whether or not it will "delay" your appointment as most appointments go out in the March-April time frame. If your due date is December 29th, it must be done by then. Congratulations on receiving your NOM. I wish you luck and hope your CFA goes well. Aim high!
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