Jul 1, 2016
I have a slight problem with the push-ups for the CFA. I can max them out without an issue, but I'm pretty short, 4'11" to be precise, and when I get the full 90° angle between my forearm and upper arm, my hips are essentially almost laying on the floor. It's not incorrect form because I've asked my coaches about it, and they said it was just because I had short arms. So when I take the CFA, is that going to be an issue?
As long as it is obvious you aren't using the floor for a rest and are getting the full 90° bend in your arms while maintaining plank position, I don't know how your CFA examiner could fault you for your technique. Being shorter will not cause you to be evaluated differently than other candidates.

Your height will probably be an advantage as far as pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups go, since you will have a shorter body movement for each repetition. However, consider practicing the running events more, because having shorter legs will tend to make them a little more difficult than normal. I am tall and generally do OK when it comes to running, but have to work harder on the various "-ups" exercises. Good luck to you! :D
Ah, okay, thank you for that. I just needed the reassurance that I wasn't going to be kicked out during the test for that. And you're right about the running, I can surpass the average for women, but I can't quite max it out yet and I know that it won't be as good during the actual test since I'll be tired by then. Right now I'm at around 6:48-6:50 for my average time, and I'm looking to try and max it out by early September when I'll be asking either my Phys. Ed. teacher or my ALO to proctor it for me.