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    Hello all I am a candidate for the class of 2021. I am in the process of filling out my application for the Naval Academy and have a question on the CFA. I was able to take the CFA at West Point's SLE last month, and was wondering if I should send the scores in for my Naval Academy Application.

    My scores were:
    Pull-Ups: 13
    BBall Throw: 73 ft
    Push-Ups: 69
    Sit-Ups: 70
    Shuttle Run: 8.3 sec
    Mile: 6:42

    I believe I will do better if I were to take it again, and I plan on taking it again. However, would having it on my file, and then later requesting to retake it be a good idea? I am trying to get everything completed as soon as possible.

    Thank you and I know this is a question for a BGO, but I am not getting a response when contacting them. Thanks again!
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    8 Here are the maximum scores for each gender. I can't seem to find the link that posts the averages (maybe someone else knows where that is) but you should be shooting for those maximums regardless. I think submitting these scores and then requesting to retake it would show your determination to improve but that's just my opinion. If you decide not to send them in for the Naval Academy, make sure you complete your new CFA well before the deadline. This is especially important if you're prone to injuries.
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    CTX, your scores are pretty good and I'd recommend sending them in now. Focus on other aspects of the application while you work on improving them. Good luck!
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    Look at the Average Scores for West Point's CFA in the attached PDF.

    Your WP Scores are great for USNA; like ktnatalk says: 'Send them in now' ! :thumb:

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