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Sep 14, 2017
For the CFA, Air Force requested I retake it because of my mile. Will the other academies do the same? Is the run going to make me fail?

My scores :

BB throw : 93 ft
Pull-ups: 16
Shuttle Run : 8.2 sec
Sit-ups : 84
Push-ups : 75
Mile : 8 min 18 sec
From what I have heard, a big event West Point fails people on is the BB throw, but you are definitely good there. At SLE, I got a 8:03 mile and it was not at risk, meaning they didn't fail that event. The only event I failed was the BB throw. I don't think you should worry too much considering you have good other scores. You can always push yourself and improve like I did. I eventually got my BB throw way up and my mile to a 6:43.
Don't worry about it. You beat everything in my CFA when I took it except the mile run. You got this