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Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by SamAca10, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Our cadre told us that the essay in our FIT book is the essay that we'll be writing for the application. Now, this essay is basically the same as the AIM essay( Why do you want to attend AIM) except it has the words Coast Guard Academy. Would it be advisable to just submit my AIM essay with a few edits, or should I write a new one?
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    Hopefully your reason to attend AIM (a summer camp) and CGA (a federal service academy that puts you in relative danger for 5 years) is a little different.

    I would start from scratch. For a college application, you don't want to just edit some other essay. Worst forget to replace something that is AIM specific. That will stand out to an essay reader....even if they just pick up that it might be a modified essay.

    Change it up. :thumb:
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    I would agree with LineInTheSand. Your essay for AIM was to provide reasons as to why you wish to attend the summer program. Once you attend AIM the question you may be posed with is why you would like to attend CGA. I have seen many essays and a canned letter or essay (where only the school's name has been changed) is very easy to pick out (especially between USNA and USCGA pieces).
    Focus on what you learned and took away from AIM and what you have to offer CGA should you be offered an appointment.

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