CGA bulliten

Lesya knows more about the CGA than most of the cadets...she rocks!

Thanks Boss! Yes that's true! :smile: At one open house I attended at CGA during lunch, a girl asked a question to a 2/c cadet and he didn't know the Answer and I did so i told her the answer and him and another 2/c cadet were so shocked and teases me the rest of the time I was there and saying things like. "who are you, an undercover CG Officer" HAHA! No! Another person calls me his temporary Admissions officer because He can't ever reach him and he can always reach me and he asks me tons of questions and I always am able to answer them.

ADVICE~So theirs 2 situations .It's not like I am forced to do research on this. I just like to ask questions and i'm curious. I just look around on the CGA site. all the answers are their. I'm just willing to take the time to look around. Yes It might be harder to find and take a little more time but when I want to know something I do everything I can to find out the answer to the question or information I want.:wink:

I don't know but I don't like how they got rid of our own "Class of 2011". Now how are we suppost to communicate to each other? They should have left it...It was our little home.
It's kind of strange that they would "clear the decks" in the middle of the year.