CGA Class of 2011


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Jun 9, 2006
I found a list online of the class of are some stats.

274 in the class

77 are women(28%-take that you other academies)

Six international cadets including 2 from Germany, others from Romania, United Arab Emirates, Antigua, Marshall Islands

33 lucky dogs in Charlie Company who will have DS as their cadre

16 cadets from Connecticut

Large contigents from CA, TX, VA, NY, NJ, MA, CO

Four from SC:biggrin:
Here are the official stats...I was off on a few things such as the Germany cadets are apparently service family kids and it was hard for me to distinguish whether the Kyle's, Jesse's, Chris's etc were boys or girls :biggrin:

Also note less than 10% of applicants were offered wonder the competition was so tough.

Ultimately, the Class of 2011 will create their own identity and destiny--
But here, at least, are a few facts about their beginning:

U.S. cadets hail from 39 states and with those living abroad coming from Puerto Rico, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Additionally, there are four international cadets who are sponsored by the United Arab Emirates, Marshall Islands, Romania, and Antiqua. These will be the first representatives of the UAE and Marshall Islands to join the Corps of Cadets.
74% of the Class intends to major in engineering, math or science.
30% are female and 18% are from underrepresented racial groups.
Over 50% come from families whose immediate members are in or were in a branch of the U.S. military.
Overall, the SAT average for the class is 1275 (critical reading and math).
3345 students submitted an application; 341 were offered appointments and 275 indviduals will swear-in on R-Day.
Boss i love your signature, its intimidating...:unhappy:

and actually its just over 10% appointment rate...not to be picky or anything :)
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Ha ha correct on both accounts...just over 10% I did that a bit in haste but you get the idea it was very tough to get in this year.

The muscular dude on the left is Cadre Steve, my son...ha ha what company are you in?
Ha ha he's actually a nice guy...but swab summer all bets are off. Good luck all the way! You'll be first on Eagle,
Trolling through the old archives. Congrats to 2011 as they made LIEUTENANT just a few weeks ago...

Imagine that, how time flies.