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Sep 12, 2006
I was looking around at the CGA site and something caught my attention.

A part of a sentence...
The view from campus frequently includes Coast Guard vessels in port, such as the Cutter Eagle, the only tall ship in America's active forces.

Another tall ship that is active still in America's Active forces is the U.S. Naval Ship the
U.S.S. Constitution.So, there is 2 tall ships active in America's active Forces.
O don't rub it in. I'll be on it for OCS if i go that root. I actually think it easier to get a direct commision into the CG through the Maritime Academies. Lot less stressful.
Hey Katherine! I'm glad I read your profile to see your "alter ego"...ha ha. Congrats again and welcome to this site!

My daughter is still waiting to hear whether she joins you girls this summer.

For sure you will see my son as he will be cadre in swab summer...:eek:

Enjoy the rest of your senior year and I'll see you in July!
BTW the Eagle is awesome...the port calls this summer are great too! My new avatar shows a sunset on board. Should be fun.:w00t:
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Hey Boss! Thanks for the welcome. I just found this site when I was googling something about USCGA. I'm glad I found it! Good luck to your daughter. I hope she gets in! And I like your avatar too. It looks like fun. When I went to STEP, my dad and I took a tour of Eagle.