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    As I have ventured through the process of applying to the academy, I've talked to loads of people who say things that tend to contradict with other things. One question that I've pondered the most (and have yet to receive a non contradicting answer for) is whether or not you can go into the Navy upon graduating from the Coast Guard Academy. I'm sure it has been done before, but I just wonder how often and how difficult it is to do.

    Thanks for any and all help.
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    I know this is opposite scenario but it goes both ways...
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    Coast Guard to Navy - I believe there is no policy currently in place and that it would be extremely rare, if at all. There was a program several years ago that allowed CG officers to try out and become Navy Seals, which several did. However that program was ended around 2011. There are billets on Navy vessels that Coast Guard officers can fill.
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    Ok this is my opinion so heed it or take it as a grain of salt, as you wish. There are many applicants this year, whose first choice is the CGA, who whole heartily wish to pursue a career in the CG. The CG is odd, unlike other services the only way to become commissioned is the CGA, OCS, or CSPI. And even the CSPI program is pretty hard to get into. If you really want to get into Navy and be an Officer in the Navy, many schools have NROTC. You're a little behind the deadline for applying for the NROTC scholarships for this year, but you can apply while you are at school. The problem with going to CGA and then trying to go to the Navy, is that the CG is making an investment in you. They're investing in you in the hopes you will become a great Coast Guard Officer not a Navy Officer.

    You'd also be taking a spot from someone that wants to pursue a career in the Coast Guard.

    Whatever you decide to do you'll be successful.
    Best of luck
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    The short answer is no, not immediately upon graduation.

    The longer answer is that the Coast Guard Academy is the only academy where cross-commissioning into another branch upon graduating is not allowed. If you go to USCGA, you do your time in the Coast Guard. How do I know? The end of my second class year, I started researching the possibility of crossing over to the Air Force. Because the other services are under DoD, the funds for educations/training come from the same place so it's easier (although still very difficult) to get approved for a branch transfer. At the end of the day, I'm glad I wasn't able to transfer. The Coast Guard has been incredible. However, following your initial service requirement of 5 years, you can then apply for a transfer without ever being discharged from the service.

    As TennisDad mentioned, there are Navy billets open to Coasties. As a second tour JO, you can be assigned to a Navy ship to be their Navigator (apparently, they can't do it on their own ;)). I have a friend who just finished his tour a Navy navigator and he loved it. He'll be the new Commanding Officer of a CG cutter in Hawaii come this summer.

    If you really only want to serve in the Navy, go to USNA. If you don't get in, try for a 3 year NROTC scholarship or go to another school and apply again. Apply until you can't anymore and then apply for OCS. Are the two services linked because they are the premier maritime services in the world? Yes. But there are still vast differences in missions, capabilities, career paths etc. that might push you towards one service rather than the other.
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