CGAS- what will improve my chances?

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    I attend a community college while still enrolled in high school, what classes should I take? Does being in the National Honor Society improve my chances? What are some other things that may get me accepted? I'm looking to enroll in the 2011 class. When should I submit my application? When should I see the admissions officer? If I have a 3.98 GPA, am in the top 10% of my class, compete in track and field, and do a lot of volunteer work, do I have a good chance at getting in?
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    Make sure you are taking the highest level math courses offered by your school. Exposure to calculus always helps, especially if you excel in the class.

    Short answer - yes.

    Long answer - It does, but not by much as almost every other person you are competing against has that in their resume as well.

    Demonstrated leadership and excellent physical fitness.

    Academy classes are named for the year they graduate, the class of 2011 are 2/c cadets right now (juniors) and will graduate in May 2011. You are looking to enroll in the class of 2015. You should submit your application between September 1 - November 1 of 2010.

    They are always available by phone or email. You can schedule an interview with an AO or an AAP after your application is submitted.

    You won't know until you try, keep up the good work and stay healthy.


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