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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by rayquad, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Where can I find the Chain of Command for Beast Barracks? I thought it would be a good thing to at least look over before going to CBT. I know it's probably on the forum somewhere but i haven't been able to find it...
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    The Cadet CoC? You won't find that out until you get here. The full CoC works down from the President to your Squad Leader so you can familiarize yourself with the President, Secretary of Defense, etc onwards down to the West Point specific positions such as the Supe (General Huntoon), Comm (General Martin), Brigade Tactical Officer (Colonel D'Antonne), etc. if you are not already familiar with them and worried about it.

    Honestly though, just take these last few weeks and relax. You'll be given all the information you're expected to replicate.
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    Don't worry too much about learning beast knowledge before you come to West Point. If anything, learn the history of the place and about some of the great people who went there. Not because you will be quizzed on it, but because in the lowest of times sometimes it is extremely inspiring to think of all the history around you. The place is rich with history that many often never know or consider.

    You'll have Beast to learn Beast knowledge and, in my honest opinion, you will enjoy your time more by learning many things and making many mistakes for the first time with the rest of your class.

    For now enjoy your freedom. Enjoy being a civilian. Nothing makes you appreciate it more than not having it to the same degree as you do now.

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