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    Hello All,

    I am currently waiting for further information from WP and the wait is killing me. So I would appreciate some input from all of you on where you think I stand. I have already looked at the class profiles but am hoping that some of you may have some experiences which may help me get a better feel on where I stand.

    1) Nomination from NJ-11
    2) DoDmerb qualified
    3) CFA scores passed - Admissions rep said they were "good, not great and can be improved" - I took this as they were passing, but there is room for improvement.

    Mile- 6:30
    Pull-up- 12
    Shuttle - 8.6sec
    Basketball Throw- 67ft
    Crunches- 74
    Pushups- 51

    4) Below are some of my qualifications
    - Currently raising my 4th Seeing Eye dog- Also on public speakers bureau
    - Boys State Attendee
    - Prefect in Freshman Dorm (Boarding school)
    - Head of Gene Sequencing Club and my school
    - Publishing Scientist in NCBI (Rutger's Waksman Student Scholar Program)
    - 4 Year Varsity starter in lacrosse - Expecting captainship
    - Model UN Delegate

    SATs - 660CR/710M/730W
    ACT - 31M/30E/30W/30R/28S

    3.7GPA unweighted - Class Rank - Top 20%
    Classes consisting of mostly honors and APs including
    - AP Chem/AP Calc AB/AP Lang/AP Lit/AP US History
    - Honors Chem/Physics/Biology/Geometry/English

    Please let me know if there anything else you would like to know, and I really appreciate all of your input.
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