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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by red0xn, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Mar 5, 2014
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    I've been considering applying to a military academy for some time now. However, I'm only a junior in high school so I have some time to polish my extracurriculars, scores, and whatnot. I want to part of the military so I can become a doctor and thus serve the country in that capacity. My physical fitness leaves much to be desired, but I am more of an academics oriented candidate. Would anyone be willing to evaluate my chances of being accepted into West Point (or CGA)?

    Academics -
    GPA: 4.0 (Unweighted) 4.86 Weighted
    SAT Score: 2120
    Past APs: AP World History (4 on the Exam)
    Current: AP Biology, AP Psychology
    Planned: AP Calculus, AP Spanish
    Past Honors: Chemistry
    Current Honors: US History, Spanish, English
    Planned Honors: Government/Economics, English, Physiology

    I have over 100 hours so far at the local library.
    I also volunteer for a hospice organization; visiting hospices and officework mainly.
    My friend and I are planning to create a small library for a local preschool. We want to recruit local teens and adults to read said books to the students there.

    Been playing the violin for 7 years. Performed for family friends and competed in the CMEA (earned honors).
    Take care of my brother; parents not home for 8 hours a day. I cook dinner and lunch a couple days a week.
    Secretary of USABO Club.
    Officer of Suit Up Listings Club (a club for my friend's business start-up)
    Member of NHS
    CSF member for more than 4 years.

    Physical (Female):
    I haven't taken the CFA but I am currently training.
    Pull-Ups: 1, but with 20 secs on the Arm Hang
    Push-Ups: 22
    B-ball throw: Haven't attempted yet.
    Mile: Best is 7:50
    Shuttle run: No attempt so far.
    Crunches: 30

    Other -
    I'm looking into the Congressional Nomination process so far. I am certain my English and Biology teachers will give favorable letters of recommendation. Now I have to decide if I want to ask my ex-Navy teacher from last year for the third. Also, I might retake the SAT this June.

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    Lets take a look...

    The Service Academies look for “well rounded” applicants based on three pillars: Academics, Athletics and Leadership.

    So as you build your “Whole Candidate Score” WCS you will receive points that will increase chances. 60% academics and the best way to boost that it to get the highest ACT/SAT score possible. So what have you done for athletics and leadership?

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    Mar 5, 2014
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    I haven't been able to do school sports due to my parents' busy work schedule. Though I have taken swimming lessons for 3+ years. Regarding leadership, I hold positions in two clubs. And I've tutored my peers for more than 50 hours. I led a quartet last year for a music performance at CMEA, for which we earned an Excellent rating. I take care of my little brother at home. I created and managed a research group for the ISTF competition (it is a type of science fair). My friend and I are organizing a library for the local preschool. My leadership roles are on the more unconventional side. Haha.
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    Red, you don't go to USMA to be a doctor. It's a small percentage that make it through that route. You go to WP to be an army officer.

    Your teacher recommendations will come from: 1) English, 2) Math and 3) Chemistry or Physics. I highlight that because you can't use biology and I'm going to guess that you took Chemistry as a freshman or sophomore. These teachers will rate you on Leadership Potential, not on academics. Given that there is usually a significant change in maturity and leadership during HS, you better make sure you are following up with that chemistry teacher so they can see that progress.

    Finally on leadership - athletics is another measure of it. Swim lessons may indicate physical fitness, but that measure is from the CFA not sports participation. Highly recommend you put those lessons to use and at least join a summer swim team. It won't get you to the level of earning a varsity letter (unless it is a seriously good team), but it is far better than not having any sports on your application.
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    Well, first, babysitting your brother and making dinner doesn't really count. Those are basic household chores that any candidate would have to do. I also recommend you join more clubs such as junior class council, student government, etc. Run for leadership positions such as president, vice, secretary, treasurer. Also u should try to do some type of sports. Whether it is out of school or in school. (In school probably better) I mean other than that, you seem like a very well qualified candidate.

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    Jan 20, 2014
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    Please please PLEASE don't put taking care of your little brother as an extra curricular. That and a club for your friend's business doesn't sound legitimate, unless this club is so,show school-sponsored. Pretty much, if you are "planning" to do something it most likely will not hold, especially considering that you have to have a guidance counselor or other school official verify these things, and I doubt they can verify plans or babysitting. Go for. Ore leadership positions in you school or other sponsored organizations such as Civil air Patrol or JROTC.

    As for your physical qualifications, those definitely need work. Try doing a sport at your school. Being "academic oriented" is helpful, but will not get you a ticket into a school that is looking for a "whole candidate"

    Good luck!

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