Chance of Getting an Appointment?

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    Mar 28, 2017
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    I am currently a freshman at Iowa State University majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am currently a midshipman in the NROTC unit here and was a part of sword detail for Marine Corps Birthday Ball as well as a part of the freshman Color Guard.

    I applied last year and did not get in, but I had two nominations to Army, one to Navy, and one to Air Force. I graduated high school with 3.56 weighted GPA and a 3.42 unweighted. I have a 31 on the ACT with a 35 in English and Reading as well as a 27 in Math and a 32 overall if you superscore. I will probably have a 2.2 GPA this semester.

    My best CFA is 42' basketball throw, 20 sec flexed arm hang, 9.91 shuttle run, 52 situps, and an 8:27 mile.

    What should I improve on if I don't get in this year for next year? I am planning on applying to the Academy until I am ineligible to apply.

    Thank you for your help.
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    From what I see, you should look to find more leadership positions. On the physical side, you definitely need to improve on the mile, flex arm hang and bball throw. Good Luck and keep trying