Chance of getting Naval Aviation slot.

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    Does anyone know what the chance of getting a Navy Pilot slot is if an NROTC Mid'n. meets academic and pilot physical requirements? Do most who request Aviation get selected or is there a limited number? In years past there was no quota for USNA midshipmen. Any insight on measuring the chance of selection would be appreciated. Is the Navy increasing or decreasing pilot slots at this time?
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    In recent years aviation has made up 29% of service selection for nrotc. The mid needs a good recommendation and do well on the ASTB(preferably 7-9's) although some will be selected with a 6 and a decent GPA. So IMHO if you are top 40% in the national order of merit I think you have a good chance. DS is deciding between aviation and EOD and will know in October.
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    ^ agree. for some reason people think Naval Aviation is really hard to get, but two years ago at USNA, any mid who wanted Aviation got it... on the other hand, many who wanted Marines (ground or air) didn't get it.

    The past few years, the % of mids at USNA, or in NROTC that got each community (Aviator, Flight Officer, Submarine, Surface Nuc, Surface, Marine Ground, Marine Air) was virtually identical. There is no advantage as far as community selection in going to USNA vs. NROTC, or vice versa. In the specific case of Aviator, the % of mids who got Aviator out of USNA and out of NROTC was the same. This is decidedly NOT the case with USMA vs. AROTC as far as Aviation is concerned.
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