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    Hello, I am currently looking to transfer from an ROTC program to West Point. I will be looking to get a congressmen's nomination, but am hoping to use the ROTC nomination first and foremost. My stats are as following:

    Reading: 700
    Writing: 700
    Math: 630

    Unweighted: 3.98
    Weight: 4.44

    Microeconomics- Score: 5
    Calculus AB- Score: 5
    Calculus BC- Score: 5
    American Gov. and Politics- Score: 5
    English Language and Composition: 4

    1-mile: 5:17
    pushups: 75
    Sits ups: 75
    Pull-ups: 13

    Leaderships and Involvement:

    Army Ranger Challenge Team (only freshman)
    Fraternity Involvement

    High School:
    Basketbal varsity all 4 years
    Team captain of varsity basketball
    Varsity Lacrosse
    Math Team
    National Honors Society
    Math Honors Society
    Latin Honors Society
    DECA Vice President
    Math Team
    After Prom Committee
    Prom Safety Committee

    What are my chances? Will it be likely that I can use a ROTC nomination to get in? My Professor of Military Science wrote an outstanding recommendation and said I exemplified the highest in all the "check mark" categories on the form he had to file out. Please be honest. Also, does the USMA send out LOA/has anyone received an appointment using an ROTC nomination yet??!?
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    What are your midterm grades? What are you looking to earn this semester? What classes are you taking? How many credit hours? West Point wants to see if you can handle college academics.

    Don't use transfer. There is no transferring into West Point. Everyone starts at the bottom.

    You need to get your Math SAT score higher.

    You're missing two CFA events.

    Chances are very unlikely for you to gain admission on your ROTC nomination. 20 nationally - that includes all the Junior ROTC (high school) and most of last year's Civil Prep candidates (well over 20 of them). Welcome to the Army, you are at least average based on your PMS's evaluation despite what you interpret. If your evaluation is not left justified (all highest marks when there is no limiting factor) then you are in trouble.

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