Chances for an Air Force ROTC scholarship?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Kingtiger1945, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Hello, I am going into my senior year of high school and I am going to apply for Air Force ROTC for college. I have a 4.0 GPA at a very competitive school, I have a 1570 SAT, I play varsity tennis, I'm in the NHS and I have a bunch of other extracurriculars, and I have a deep passion for military history with activities to back that up (which is why I want to join the military).

    I can currently do the 1.5 mile at ~12:40 and through daily running I'm constantly improving, but the part I'm worried about is the push ups and sit ups. I'm very thin and out of shape, and I can't even do five of them. I have a personal trainer and I'm trying to do them every day, but I have no idea how many I will be able to do in a few months when I have to take the test. I'm also applying for a non-technical major (history) which I assume will hurt my chances.

    Nevertheless, I really want to join the Air Force and I'm gonna try my best to get a scholarship, but do I even have a reasonable chance for that? Any tips to help me prepare for the test?
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    Everything I read is that while some people do get scholarshps with non technical majors, it isnt that common and most of the awards are given to those with STEM majors
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    You definitely need to get those pushups and situps up. Do 100 before bed every night. If you can barely do 5, you need to work harder to work up. Your chances at the moment are 0 if you can't pass the PFA. Get your run time down as well.

    It's true, non-tech, especially non-rated is a rough time, and it will also play a factor to when you are getting picked up for a SFT slot.

    Academics wise, you are good. You also need to kill your interview.
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    You may want to open your thinking to consider other branches - your stats seem very competitive, but non-stem could be problem if seeking AF - Army allows you to major in anything you want.
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