Chances for CGA Acceptance?

Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by hopefulcoastie21, Aug 21, 2015.

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    I'm currently a high school sophomore who is very interested in attending the Coast Guard Academy. I want to go to medical school or PA school but also really want to do some time in the Coast Guard as well as have my undergrad or med school/pa school payed for. I thought about going the HPSP route for the longest time but there's no way to fit the coast guard into that. Majoring in marine and environmental sciences at the Academy will allow me to complete about 75% of prereqs for med school or pa school AND give me an opportunity to serve in the Coast Guard.My GPA is a 3.7 and I do well in school and participate in clubs and honor societies. The CGA website lists about 81% of the class of 2018 having had earned a varsity letter in high school and 64% having been team captains. I don't really play sports at school, I tried tennis and kinda sucked. There are sports I'd be interested to trying at the academy like rugby,boxing,rifle,and crew. These sports are not offered at my school or around where I live. And lastly my time for the 1.5 mile is terrible, like 12 min mile terrible. I mean is it worth it trying bring down that run time to a 9 min mile. Would that be enough?
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    It's good to lay out a plan. You need to be involved in sports, although the other activities are helpful. The Physical Fitness Evaluation PFE is given as a requirement for entrance, and must be passed each semester or you will be disenrolled. Also, once you graduate you have a five year commitment to serve as an officer. The Coast Guard does not have a program sending graduates to medical school like the larger Academies. Public Health Service doctors tend to serve the Coast Guard. I'm not familiar with their programs, but that might be worth checking out.

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