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    I have read a bunch of chances posts but none are state specific. I'll just list my stats and any information will be helpful. Thanks!

    I'm a junior in high school in Maryland
    unweighted gpa: 3.88
    weighted gpa: 4.23

    class rank:7 out of 307
    ACT scores
    30 math
    30 english
    24 reading
    24 science
    20 writing

    1 year of varisty swimming varsity letter also
    2 years of JV soccer
    1 year of JV cross country
    2 years of club baseball

    eagle scout I have had these leadership postions in Scouts also: Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader
    I got accepted to Boy's state so I will be attending that this summer
    I'm a 2nd Lieutenant in my MCJROTC unit and the S-5 officer
    I have over 40 hours of community service
    I do youth group at my church
    part of the drill team
    head of my committee in the Varsity Captains Club at my school
    part of the national honors society

    I already know I need to bring up my ACT scores (which I'm working on) but is everything else at least somewhat competitive?
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    Looks like you are on the right track! Keep improving that ACT as you stated. Stay involved with scouts and sports. Stay healthy and don't get into trouble.
    This is a highly competitive process specifically in your area.
    Think about the possibility of being recruited for one of your sports. A lot of earlier appointments were for athletic recruiting.
    Watch your time lines for applying and good luck!
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    My resume was very similar to yours. Try to get those ACT scores up; I greatly improved my scores by religiously doing practice tests twice a week for around two months. There is no substitute for drilling questions over and over again. I also attended the Maryland Boys State program and it was an incredible experience. I was in your shoes about two years ago and just became a recognized 4-degree today. The academy experience is incredible and I encourage you to keep pushing to get those scores up as well as keep that GPA up. Aim high!
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    You have posted the same question on 3 of the SA's. Not sure the replies will be any different.
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