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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Ribbe, Apr 28, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, I am a current high school senior and was wondering what my chances of admission would be after completing a year at a local college in a STEM degree such as Electrical engineering following a similar schedule that a first year midshipman might have, and I was wondering if a first year at a college is viewed as a clean slate by academy admission staff. I did not apply to the academy this year due to not having the best grades and test scores, but plan on retaking the ACT and will be graduating soon with a higher GPA around 3.1-2 ish

    My currents stats and EC's:
    25 act
    3.01 gpa unweighted, weighted 3.2 (wasnt the best student freshman and sophomore year but got my act together Junior and senior year)
    -Eagle Scout
    -E-3 In Naval Sea Cadet Corps program
    -Track and Field athlete

    Thank you to all replies in advance
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    Ribbe, No one knows!!! I can say your ACT is low. GPA is low but they usually do not look at GPA. What are your volunteer and leadership levels. How competitive is your district? Captain of sports teams? Awards?
    It seems every year it i becoming more competitive and more great kids are receiving TWE's. I would retake and retake the ACT with a tutor helping you increase your scores. Plus get great teacher rev's and hope and pray for a nomination and an appointment. Also see the sticky at the top of the forums page.
    You can not handicap or guess who gets in!
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    Retake ACT and I would advise to take SAT too if you can. I did very well on SAT while not doing too great on ACT. As for clean slate, no. It is the same exact application (which is mostly high school specific), so all your college stuff is mentioned in the additional comments portion. However, improvement looks really good to USNA, so while they still look at high school, they understand you might not be the same person at college. Get in a position of leadership with your college. Ask around the faculty for spots for leadership in the honors society etc, there is bound to be something. There really is no sure way to get accepted, there are only sure ways to get rejected. The most of which is to not apply. So do your best, put in an app, and enjoy the crazy ride. Best of luck.
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    I'm a 2013 grad and was right around the same numbers as you. My best overall ACT was a 26. I spend one summer of high school participating in a bunch of programs to make my application look better. While grades are important, they want to see how well rounded you are. In addition, I took 7 SAT's and 6 ACT's. Maybe it was my persistence that paid off. I will tell you that what degree you want to pursue upon entering USNA doesn't matter. Everyone takes the same classes Plebe year (unless of course you validate some, which is definitely something I'd try to do). My advice is stay out of trouble and do the absolute best you can to finish up high school and your first year of college. Also, feel free to message me I'd you've any other questions regarding USNA. I know I'm a couple years out but I still remember it pretty vividly.

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