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    I'm a high school student currently undergoing the application process. My file was qualified and have received a nomination from my congressman. Now all I have to do is wait, so I just wanted to know what people think are my chances of getting in.

    A's and B's in all classes
    All classes are Honors classes

    My high school does not rank, but it is ranked #11 in the United States
    Do they look at high school ranking at West Point?

    AP Microeconomics
    AP Calculus
    AP Computer Science
    AP Psychology
    AP Statistics
    IB Mathematics Higher Level
    IB Spanish Standard Level
    Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (College Course)

    SAT: 2200 Composite
    ACT: 33 Composite


    Varsity Football Lettered 3 Years; Captain
    Varsity Lacrosse Lettered 3 Years; Captain
    Varsity Basketball Lettered 1 Year
    School Club President
    School Club committee
    Outside School Club President
    Church President
    Church Committee
    National Honor Society Member

    Any ideas where my file stands?
    All responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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