Chances of AROTC scholarship

usma 2013 hopeful

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Aug 13, 2008
I'm a senior in high school and interested in an AROTC scholarship.

My compact resume:

class rank-8 of 214
gpa- 95/99
diploma recieveing- advanced regents diploma w/ honors and principals prestigious award.

student council
volunteer hospital, elementary school, rec department
west point sls
BEPT commitee
varsity club

varsity volleyball, softball, track, cheerleading

national volunteer award
volleyball most dedicated
student council award

also is there any training before freshman year for rotc, can you play sports, and does it increase chances at west point??

If your ACT/SAT scores are descent and you have a descent interview, you'll get the scholarship no problem.

(I received the scholarship two months ago)
I don't believe there is any training before freshman year for ROTC, although there is an option to "shadow" a cadet (MS2 or MS3) for a day/night at the college of your choice while still a senior at high school. That's a great way to see if ROTC is really what you want. I shadowed someone, and I had an absolute great time.

You can play sports, ROTC does PT early mornings before your classes even start, and labs are usually in the afternoon or early morning, so it doesn't really interfere with much. They try to work with you on those things as well.