Chances of Getting Cyber Operations for my AFSC?


Dec 24, 2015
Generally, how hard is it to get Cyber Ops if you put it down as your first choice? What do you think my chances are if I was a math major with above a 3.0 gpa, with a 97 PFA and a middle third UCR ranking? I know you guys can only give me a ballpark estimate but I just wanted to know I had descent chances. Thanks!
Since Cyber is currently going through a critical skills retention board (CSRB), it won't be hard. Cyber is an emerging career field for the Air Force, so if its your first choice, it highly likely to get it. However, we still have to account for the "needs of the Air Force" at that particular time. In my class, we had a variety of individuals with different backgrounds (i.e. Computer Science, Engineers, Math, History, and Political Science majors).