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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by RedKnight21, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    I know a lot of people are asking this, but I'm worried about my chances of making it into Field Training this year. My stats are as follows:

    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Year: 250
    GPA: 3.4
    PFA: 99
    SAT: ~1600 (out of 2400)
    Commander Ranking: Bottom Third

    The thing I am really worried about is my commander ranking. I was not expecting bottom, I was expecting middle at the lowest. I work hard at my detachment and always step up when given the opportunity. I guess only the POC noticed but Im not sure what I shouldve done differently. Should I show off more to the Cadre? I started honor guard in the middle of this past Fall. I would say thats it because Im since I started in the Fall semester, but other new Cadets got top third.

    Overall what do you think my chances are? Are my SATs and Commander Ranking going to hold me back from getting an EA?

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
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    Honestly commander's ranking is 50% of what they look at so you're defiently on the fence and you're GPA/SAT scores is not amazing. But at this point there isn't anything else you can do but wait and no matter what happens if you gave rotc 100% you have nothing to feel bad about, this was a very completive year, especially for 250s. There are not enough slots for 200s so you are basically trying to take away a slot from someone whose been working for it longer then you, which is already one huge strike against you. Just remember you've made it this far in a highly competitive year, which is a lot more then most people can say.

    One thing to look into is if you can extend your graduation, become a 500 next year, and try again for next summer. Also talk to the POC about why you have a low ranking, you said they noticed your hard work so ask them why the cadre didn't (also at least at my det the POC pass on their feedback to the cadre so they might be able to tell you some useful things). Are you at a small or a large det? Have you had a job in the cadet wing yet? If you haven't this could be a major reason why your ranking is so low. Also ranking is not about showing off to the cadre but showing dedication to the program, one way of doing this is showing up to more extra curricular stuff and doing well at your job and in LLAB. I know you said you do honor guard, but do you do anything else? Remember everyone learns at a different pace, so you should not base where you think you should be off where other people are, just look at what you can do to improve!!

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