Chances of Getting In with These Scores?

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    I was just wondering if these scores were good enough for a high chance of acceptance since I see that average ACT is around 29 but that score is usually brought down by some athletes on commitments and such so that doesn’t help too much since I am just applying into the school and am not committed. I know my scores could be a lot higher especially in reading and science where I messed up a little so I’ll probably retake it to get a 35 or hopefully a 36 since my school doesn’t class rank. Also, I’m currently a junior in high school with a 4.32 cumulative GPA as of now. Thanks!

    Composite: 34
    Math: 35
    English: 35
    Reading: 33
    Science: 34
    Writing: Score Not Yet Posted
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    Those scores are outstanding. However, no one can tell you your chances based on those scores alone. What does the rest of your application look like? Varsity athletics? Leadership roles in school? Leadership outside of school? Essays? Interviews? All of those go together to give you an overall candidate profile. Even if we knew all of that, we do not know who you are competing against for a nomination which is required for an appointment.

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    The study posted on West Point applications a while ago revealed that academics are approximately 55-60% of the WCS. Your scores are better than most of the ones I've seen at my school, which is saying a lot because I go to a highly competitive college prep school that sends 4% of its kids to SAs and over 8% to Ivy Leagues each year.

    However, Stealth is right...the WCS is a lot more than your scores. My ACT score was a 33 (I'll explain why I told you my score later),
    and it actually took a really long time and a lot of studying to get me there. You didn't tell us your GPA or class rank. The thing about my GPA is that it's actually lower than most competitive West Point candidates due to some issues Freshman year and toward the beginning of my Sophomore year. I had like a 2.7 for a while... and that counts against me a little, so the reason why I retook the ACT four times till I hit 33 was to make up for having a not-so-great GPA for a year and a half. Your class rank is obviously high because of the percentile of your ACT, but your GPA and the difficulty of your classes is something you need to tell us if you want more feedback.

    Additionally, leadership and extracurricular activities are 30% of your WCS. That may not seem like a lot, but you will notice not many kids get into West Point with outstanding GPAs, class ranks, and test scores alone. Are you in the NHS? Were you a Scout? Did you go to Boys/Girls State? Are you Captain of your basketball team? Those are also things we'd need to know if we wanted to evaluate you.

    The CFA is also 10% of your score. We don't even know if you've taken it yet or passed it. We had a kid at my school who was going for a sport but injured himself before he took his CFA. It was a real shame....
    I recommend you do a practice run if you haven't taken it yet. Find the areas you need to work on. Need another pull up? Now you know you need to emphasize your lats more in your workout.

    Lastly, this is the time when most MOC slates have already gone out. Some will not be released until the January deadline, but you should know whether or not you are at least competitive for a nomination? Do your MOCS do interviews? If so, did you interview? Or do you already have a nomination?

    Keep in mind that nobody can evaluate your competitiveness for sure. I am not an Admissions Officer, just another candidate. I can't look at your file and say "you're going to get in" or "waitlisted" or "not selected," because I only know how it works to a point.
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    You'll be perfectly fine with those scores, continue to pursue/maintain leadership positions at school and begin to get in better physical shape. The early you start physically the easier it will be in the future.