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    I know that these questions have been coming up a lot but I'd really like to know how competitive a candidate I will be. I am currently a junior in an extremely competitive NYC high school. AP's are not offered until junior and senior year, so by the time I graduate, I will only have completed two or three AP tests.

    GPA- 3.65
    New SAT- 1520 (770 math, 750 reading/writing)
    PSAT- 1460 (750 math, 710 reading/writing)
    Class Rank- My school does not calculate class rank, but I'm definitely in the top half of my grade.

    I am also the captain of the varsity swim team and the principal bassist in my school's orchestra. I also do a pre-college music program and do research at a nearby lab outside of school.
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    Can I trade SAT scores? :biglaugh:
    Make sure you are involved in a sport, and start practicing for your CFA test now. Also get lots of leadership, check into Boys/Girls State which counts for a lot of points for your candidate score.

    I think the candidate score counts for (someone correct me if I'm wrong) 60% academics (GPA, class rank, SAT, difficult classes, etc), 30% leadership (Eagle Scout, Boys/Girls State, SGA, Clubs, Team Captain, etc), and 10% physical fitness (CFA test, sports, etc). Other stuff cant be put into your candidate score such as, teacher recommendations and your essays which are read by the board.
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    Those stats look fantastic and obviously there's lot's more that you didn't list. Keep up the good work and max out as much as you can on the CFA. And if your interview skills are good as well, you should have a great shot.
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    Two of three look good. Academics are good but keep that GPA up and take AP Chemistry/Physics/Calculus if you can.

    Leadership/Competitiveness- I'm biased, but swimmers are studs and team captain is great. Are there any other clubs you are a member of that you can lead or be part of?

    How about community service? What do you do for others without reward? You have talent so how freely and often do you share it? Youth group, peer tutoring, volunteering at a shelter or for elderly, Special Olympics are all great places to give. It's one reason why scouting is huge on a resume is it's about giving back to the community.

    The main thing is do it because you love it and want to. Not just because you are compelled or have to in order to build a resume. It's the passion that will lead you on the right path to making a difference no matter how small.
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    Honestly, for as many times as these 'chance me' threads come up, there is no one on here who can do anything but guess how you will do when applying. There are also parts of the application like your teacher & BGO recommendations we will never see. None of us work in admissions, so we don't know the actual formula used to determine your WCS (the formula used at other SA's may be different). USNA publishes information on their website about the profile of the current class, so that is where I would start.
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    I agree with time2. However, I can tell you that your stats look almost identical to DS' when he applied last year. He's now a plebe. He was also at a very competitive NYC private high school. Not yours, just based on the fact that yours has a swim team and an orchestra, neither of which his has. But, as others have said, he had different competition, LORs, CFA, etc. than you. So, take it for what it's worth. Which I'm afraid may be very little.
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    The stats you posted are competitive for those areas and your test scores are above the averages which is a good thing. Look at the class profile posted by the academy and seek out similar opportunities. No one can tell you what your chances are because no one knows who else you will be competing against next year. Realistically, you will compete against the other individuals who you share a nomination called a slate. Class rank and school profile is more important than just GPA. If your school doesn't do class rank, they have some magic formula to estimate your rank based on other factors.
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    Definitely look into Boys' State and when you go, work your butt off to gain a leadership role.
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    @cstamm I also attend a competitive school in NYC and was offered an appointment for the Class of 2021! Message me if you have any questions

    Edit: Id be happy to compare stats w you if you want!
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    You haven't started your senior year, and registration is still open for classes. Can't you take more AP classes? You seem a bit light on activities, leadership, and sports, but the test score is ok. GPA and top half isn't a going be competitive. Need to get that GPA up if you can and get to top 10% if you can.

    That being said, NO ONE can tell you what the board wants and it's been said a million times that no one can answer you honestly. However, based on kids who are there, you might want to work a bit