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Oct 18, 2008
Hey, I know this sounds as though its been talked about again and again but, after reading through the many posts on asthma, I still have a few questions.

Right now I'm a junior in high school, take all advanced/AP courses, and have had all A's in school. I am on the varsity wrestling team and run cross country. I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma when I was about 9 or 10. Ever since, I have taken a daily inhaler, Flovent, even though my symptoms are minimal. The inhaler never really seemed necessary to me, and though I also have a fast-acting inhaler, I almost never use it.

So, are my chances of going to USMA utterly ruined because I am still on meds? If not, I feel I can safely abandon the medicine, but if I did so right now, would that make any difference to the Academy or do they just look at the fact that I have been on meds for so long?

My family is a big military one, mainly on the my dad's side. My dad was in the 82d, my uncle went to USMA, and almost every other male on that side has been in the Army. Does this help at all or are my hopes just ruined because of my long-term asthma treatment?
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Good choice to send me an email. I am on 2 weeks of business trips at West Point, Atlanta, and Norfolk. But I received your email today and responded comprehensively tonight. Thx for the opportunity to assist:thumb: