Chances of winning an AROTC scholarship?


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Dec 19, 2016
Im sure this is a popular question around here....

I have an unweighted GPA 3.0 approx. SAT-1360 ACT-30
3 AP classes, did well in each

In terms of extra curriculars im a 4 year varsity letterman in wrestling with one year captain, a year of JV cross country and a year of JV soccer
I've also done a large amount of community service in the form of consistent mission trips and a weekly church youth group

I had a strong interview and was told I would receive a strong recommendation, I believe I maxed it. But I underperformed on the PT test with only 43 push-ups, 37 sit-ups, 8 minute mile run. Not that is matters but a few factors contributed to my performance that day.

So what would you guys put my chances at? I'm mostly just posting this because I'm playing the waiting game at this point and am somewhat anxious waiting a month for results.
Like most applicants, you have a lot of strengths and a few challenges, however, that being said, it is a whole person score. Here is a great blog for some leisure reading while you wait.

You might get some feedback, this is low or that is good, etc., remember, no one thing decides the result, and it is up to the board, so our opinions or just opinions. All you can do is put your best application together and do what you are doing, wait.

My daughter received a three year scholarship third board last year, notified in April, so I definitely understand how anxious you are, hang in there and have plans, B, C, etc. ready to go.
I'm currently in AFROTC but it works the same as Army. You look like you have a very good shot but it will depend who you're up against. But in the off chance that you don't which I have a strong feeling you should still join the program and compete for a scholarship again once you get in. Good luck!
@sonaht23 just like what Jo15 said, no matter what join the program in college! I have not heard anything back from any of the ROTC boards yet either so I'm in the same boat. But that said, one good thing about ROTC is that many battalions/units/detachments offer different incentives for cadets. The beauty of that is college is a clean slate (for the most part). Your freshman year if you do extremely well in school and ROTC (studying, doing well in classes, EC activities, volunteering, work on your PT scores) all of that contributes to your ranking as a cadet and according to a couple ROOs I've talked to, those cadets who really shine in the unit are the ones who get awarded those on-campus scholarships which range from single semester scholarships, all the way to 3.5 year scholarships and different ones in between. Check in with your school's ROO to see if they offer them it's definitely worth looking into. Good luck!
@sonaht23 plus your test scores, ECs, sports, and volunteering will all be good standouts on the application. One thing I wish I would have done is more community service and more than one sport so definitely good job with all of those!