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    Hi i'm a rising senior and have recently started the NROTC application process and I was wondering how I stack up. Currently my stats are:

    GPA: 3.95 weighted (senior year not included)
    All A's except for 2 B's and a C throughout my freshman through junior years
    will have taken 9 AP classes by the time graduation comes around (AP Euro, AP english 11, AP calculus AB, AP US history, AP Environmental Science, AP English 12, AP Biology, AP US Government, AP Statistics)
    New SAT: 1280, 670 reading, 610 math ( will be taking it again this time after reviewing)
    ACT: not taken yet

    4 years NJROTC (Staff position 2 years; Assistant Commander of the academics team for sophomore and senior year)
    Sophomore year I was the co-vice president of class of 2017
    Member of Japanese Culture club junior year, plan to remain in senior year
    Will be joining concert band senior year (2 years of playing tenor sax in middle school)
    Played piano for 7 years
    Part time job started 2nd semester of Junior year (avg 25 hours per week)

    National Latin exam Cum Laude freshman year
    Outstanding Volunteer (NJROTC unit award) currently have 50 hours of community service total

    My strong suit is my academics so i'm worried that my lack of sports will hurt me, the only sport that interests me is basketball but i'm not good enough to make the team since it is considered a power house school in the conference. I do however lift weights and work out regularly, so I am able to meet the PT standards
    The schools i'm applying to are UCSD, SDSU, UCLA, UVA, and ODU.
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