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    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to do this because I'm sure you've seen numerous, but I was curious as to how competitive I actually am.

    I have a 3.64 weighted GPA, hopefully going up to 3.69 by the end of next week, and am taking a combined 6 AP Classes Junior and Senior year. I go to a very competitive school (1st in county, 7th in state, 76th in country for public schools) that has a school much like a traditional college. I scored a 30 on my ACT (30E, 27M, 34R, 30SR) and am retaking it tomorrow and think with the super score i can bring it up to a 31 overall. I am a rising senior. I played JV baseball freshman and sophomore year with a few games on Varsity. I was not officially named a captain (our team didn't name any that year), but I still took a leadership role on the JV team being 1 of 3 sophomores on a mostly freshman team (school isn't athletically oriented). I started a club that year for the team to raise money. Unfortunately, I had to stop playing in my junior and pursued employment and now work at Starbucks. I've worked part time all four years of high school. I have been part of a community service club since sophomore year and am taking a leadership role (co-president) next year. Am I competitive?

    Thank you so much, sorry again.
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    1. Get your Math way up.
    2. How is your class rank? GPA doesn't matter that much.
    3. Something like 90% of appointees have Varsity sports on their resumes, it doesn't sound like you do.
    4. To make up for those, you should probably have at least a few solid leadership positions. It looks like you are a club president, that's pretty good. To parrot what was said in your other thread, Class President would look great (considering you aren't going to be captain, another thing most applicants have).

    Most importantly, be competitive within your district/state. That's all that matters (unless you go NWL) really.
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    HI DanielK
    Reading, Science and Composite ACT scores are not considered at all. Only Math and English and supposedly math is weighted twice as much as English. Retake the ACT as many times as you can until the new deadline.

    What athletics are you participating in now?

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