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Jan 14, 2017
Hello all. I have been looking at this forum for a few months but finally have decided to ask for some insight on my chances. I already have a plan B and C, but the AFA is certainly what I'm hoping for.

-4.21 GPA(This is their reconfigured one that's on my portal, my school only goes to 4.0)
-1360 SAT
-About 10 AP classes, including calculus AB and BC
-My ACT would super-score to 30, but I have decided to not send this because some of the low (24ish) sub-scores I got during my three tests

-Student Body President of a school of over 3000
-Eagle Scout
-Former Newspaper Editor
-Head Lifeguard (Working for a year, promoted about 6 months ago)
-NHS Secretary
-Led a technology class at my local senior center with about 200 verified service hours

CFA Results:
Basketball Throw: 80ft
14 Pull Ups
8.32 shuttle run
65 sit ups
65 push ups
6:11 mile time

*Additionally, I have already received a nomination from my congressman.
As I have read this forum a lot, I know there is no clear path to receiving an appointment. I am looking for perspective on how competitive my file is. Thanks!
Your stats look pretty good to me but again, nobody on this forum seats on the admission board to know what exactly are your chances of getting in. Many people with your stats get in and many also get turned down, and based on other stats of people getting in, your stats puts you up against them but your CFA scores are a little on the average side, they could be better. Good luck!!
My son had very similar qualifications to yours when he applied for the class of 2020. He did not get his TWE until late April of 2016 IIRC. It was torturous watching him checking his email and portal every morning hoping for that letter of acceptance. It was a relief quite frankly when he received the TWE. He then followed through on his "Plan B" and attended a university and joined their AFROTC. ASAP he re-applied for the class of 2021 and was offered an appointment very early in the process (around 8 November 2016) and accepted a few days after that (I don't think he has added his info to the 2021 Appointment thread). Frankly the only difference in his application packet was being part of that ROTC detachment at the university (he did not do JROTC in HS).

I tell you this because if you really want to attend the USAFA, don't give up if you do not make it the first time. I can only speculate that the admissions board is probably staring at a couple hundred applications that look just like yours when they are filling those last few slots. And you need to give them something defensible they can point to to say "this one"..basically a tie-breaker against all the other smart, physically fit and well-rounded applicants.