Aug 20, 2017
I am from Ohio and in my junior year of high school. I didn't do too well during my freshman year but my past 2 years i have improved my GPA and my grades. I am taking 3 AP classes and 3 honors. My weighted GPA is not too high being at 4.0, but my unweighted is a 3.8. I haven't taken the ACT or the SAT, but I plan to take the SAT in November. I participate in the Teen Ambassador Board ( It is a sponsored by Mike Dewine who is our Attorney general ) I am also part of the swim team with 2 varsity letters for freshman and sophomore ( hopefully getting it my junior and senior year ) I also hope to be captain my senior year. I'm also part of my tennis team with no varsity letter my freshman and sophomore year, but i hope to be varsity and captain my senior year. I also created a Key club at my school which is a volunteering organization that is big in the nation. I also participate in my local Youth Council which helps with more volunteering and I also participate in my **PII REMOVED**. I plan to take the PSAT a couple weeks from now. How are my chances for acceptance for USMA and is it a problem for applying for SLE if i don't have an ACT and SAT? Thank your everyone for reading this and I hope I can get some awesome advice from you guys! Have a great day!!
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It's always impossible to tell. Admissions is a fickle lot. You're looking good, but there's always room for improvement. I can tell by your post that you already know what they're looking for. Bust your tail every day.
You are on the right track, however, no honest assessment can be given until you have ACT/SAT results. If you don't make a certain minimum ACT/SAT score then you will not even be considered.
You must have some standardized test scores to apply for SLE. It can be the PSAT, SAT or ACT.

The ACT or SAT is needed to really start your application the next year.