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Feb 16, 2007
I am currently a sophomore in high school and am seriously considering the Coast Guard Academy, along with USNA and USAFA. Here are my stats: unfortunately my gpa us unknown because they are missing a class that I took as a freshmen. It should be fixed by next week. Without that, my uw gpa is still 3.67 and my weighted is something like 3.77. My counselor told me I should have a 4.6 by the time I graduate. Next year I am in 3 ap and 3 honors classes, including AP geopolitcal economics, Ap language and compisition, Ap us history, chemistry honors, spanish 3 honors, and calculus honors. I am sergeant at arms in the teenage republicans club, Christian Athletes club, band (am quitting for next year so I can take extra AP electives), joining civil air patrol starting this summer, will hopefully be in National Honor Society next year (it is only for juniors and seniors), I was in key club for part of the year so I did some community service, I participate heavily in church hospitality team, youth group, and sound system operation, we are doing a Mexico Mission Trip this summer, unfortunately I have not participated in any sports yet because I moved around the country and have already been to three different high schools, however I did do baseball intramurals and plan on being in varsity track for next year, and I am also trying to make president or vice pres of a club for the end of this year or next. Thanks for any input!!! (sorry for mispelling or grammer errors, I rushed through it)
Welcome to the site. Overall I think you are a good candidate for the academies. You should get your athletics in order; track and cross country are always good possibilities and also try to get into a leadership position at school, church or CAP. Good luck!
Luckily, I was able to contact an officer for Naval Sea Cadet Corps and am joining this weekend. Is this good for the service academies? What else do you suggest I do?
That is a very good group to join. The Academies look upon it quite favorably.
Good news. My gpa is officially 3.789 unweighted, 4.039 weighted. My class ranking is 85/744 and expected to rise significantly due to my all honors/ap classes next year.
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