Change LREC Major to Tier 1 Major?


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May 2, 2017
I was awarded the 4 year NROTC scholarship during the last panel. I immediately accepted the scholarship with great pride and deposited my fee to Norwich University. However, I finally got the package explaining what the scholarship was awarded for. LREC, not Mechanical Engineering. Norwich has me enrolled for mechanical engineering, and doesn't even have the language I'd want to study: Russian. How do I either move the scholarship to a different school so I can properly study Russian or move the scholarship tier to Tier 1 mechanical engineering? Thanks for the help!
You can request a change of Tier/LREC after your first semester in the unit. Assuming it is approved, you can study something else. However, you'll have to pursue an LREC associated major until that request is reviewed in the early spring; any LREC major is OK, it doesn't have to be Russian. The other option would be transferring the scholarship to a different school if you felt that was the better path. You can fill out the placement change request found on your NETFOCUS portal.