Checked out the EAGLE!


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Jul 9, 2006
Yesterday afternoon we were very privileged to tour the US Coast Guard Barque Eagle in dock in Portsmouth Harbor. What a treat that was!!
It sailed into harbor at 8:30 am with a parade of about 50 boats in the rain. We could not be there for it's entry into the harbor but the swabs told me that they were amazed by the turn out of people there to welcome them!

Our tour guides were swabs who sailed up from Newport RI and will be bussed back to New London to be replaced by another group of swabs for the trip back to NL...

If any of you are parents of 2010 swabs ..... your kids are fabulous! You have much to be proud!:thumb: They stood on deck for the tour and freely answered our questions as best they could. The ones we spoke to were from WV, VA, So Cal, FL, IL....... some had sailed before but most had not. One swab said it was "quite Interesting" climbing that rigging! I said so you didn't come with a fear of heights.... he just grinned and I said Oh I get it.... you conquered your fear of heights pretty quickly! He just smiled and said "Yes, Ma'am"!

The swabs were grateful for their break from basic training and looking forward to a few hours of liberty. Also, they seemed eager for classes to start!

My daughter enjoyed talking with the swabs and I think she saw that they were just like who are green in their knowledge and experience but eager to learn. She saw that you don't need to have extensive sea experience... but you need to have desire to do and to learn.
Great report, "mom." The swab cruise on the Eagle is a great first-year experience for these kids. They get a taste of sea life and it's a great incentive for them during those hot weeks of swab summer to know the cruise lies ahead. Did any mention getting seasick? That's common among the newbies.
Good luck to your daughter and hope to see her on R-day 2007!
Seasick.... yes well I spoke with one young woman, I asked her if she had ever been out on the ocean before and she said no..... So I asked her if she was seasick at all and she said they started on seasick pills a few days before the cruise and then they taper off the dosage as they get used to the water.... so she wasn't seasick at all.
That's good...sometimes they also wear a patch. Seems like the meds are getting better; Steve reported very little ss this year among his shipmates. :thumb: