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Mar 6, 2008
Does anyone know about the Rabble Rousers. Like, how hard the tryouts are, or if there's any weight/height requirements?
Even though it is finals week I got lucky and got a quick reply. Here is what a female Rabble Rouser has to say…

We have tryouts 3 times a year – a few weeks before summer, a few weeks into August, and in January. There are no weight/height requirements – what’s more important is APFT scores and GPA. They’re really not that difficult, but each one varies depending on how many people come and what their skill level is. For the last tryout, we were not able to take any new people and they actually cut a few people on the current team. If someone would like to try out, things to focus on are definitely APFT and tumbling. As far as tryout format, we usually have a 3 or 4 day clinic to teach the new people the dance to the fight song, another dance (different for each tryout), a cheer (also different for each tryout), and how to partner stunt (one guy/one girl). On the actual day of tryouts, candidates are graded on the two dances (only the fight song for guys), the cheer, tumbling, jumps, and the two best partner stunts they can perform.

I say go for it and good luck to you. :thumb:
Really? I know that the Academy pays for pretty much everything education-wise (in return for service upon graduation) but I didn't think it'd also pay for sports/activities as well. So all the flights to the different states, all the uniforms, the's all paid for (I'm talking about cheer materials)?