Childhood asthma/allergy


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Jul 8, 2008
Hey just wondering if anybody here could answer a quick question for me.
I was just recently filling out the medical history form for DoDMERB and I checked yes for previously having asthma, allergies, acne, and broken bones. Now I have not had any of these things occurr within the past 9 or 10 years, but I thought that I needed to be honest and check "yes" that I had them. When I was 5 or 6 I had very very mild asthma and was given a retainer, but barely ever used it. I havent been prescribed an inhaler or seen a doctor about asthma or had any symptoms within for 10 years. Would this disqualify me, and require a waiver?

I also had allergies about that same time, but again, I have not seen a doctor about it or taken medicine or had any symptoms of allergies in over 10 years. Would I also need a waiver for this? And I broke my pinky finger in 1998 but that healed fast and has not bothered me at all for the last 10 years.
And I saw a doctor once for mild acne and she gave me a very very light medicine to use on my face that I never got refilled. I used it and never saw the doctor about it again, and I no longer have acne at all.
Thanks a lot if you are able to answer these questions.
RetNavyHM or Mr. Mullen are the best to answer whether or not DoDMERB will initially DQ you.

I can say that my daughter's initial DQ was for "asthma or airway constriction after age 13," so the longer it's been since you've had symptoms, the better. I can also tell you that, after months of struggles, my daughter did receive her medical waiver to USNA, and is now part of the Class of 2012. So, stay on top of the medical process. Every round of paperwork can easily take 2 months or more after you turn it in, so do your part accurately, and as fast as possible.

Good luck!
I will reply later tonight
In response to the medical history form, you are correct to answer "have you ever had or do you now have..."

Based SOLELY on the info and the way you provided it...., you would NOT be disqualified (fail to meet medical standards) under the asthma standard, allergies (assuming it's seasonal allergies and not to any medicines or foods), acne, and/or the broken pinky.:thumb:

Larry Mullen
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