Chlorine sensitivity

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    Oct 27, 2018
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    I have a problem with high concentrations of chloramine (not really chlorine, but most people call it that) in indoor pools. It's not just eye or skin irritation. Sometimes I'll get a serious asthmatic reaction. I'm a strong swimmer everyplace else though, in terms of both speed and distance, and I will be happy to train hard to get better.

    I know the USCGA does a lot of training in indoor pools. Does my problem eliminate me, or is there a medical waiver to excuse someone like me from training in indoor pools?
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    May 14, 2016
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    Although I wouldn't know for sure, I highly doubt it would be waiverable. All of their swimming lessons, tests, and training is done in their indoor swimming pool, and although I did not get in the water, I experienced the swimming pool area during parents weekend. You can tell it is highly chlorinated from just being in the vicinity. I can't think of where you'd go to take the tests if it weren't in their swimming pool either, can you?Also, I don't think the military takes risks with asthmatics, especially if it's that serious. Even if you got a waiver for entrance, I doubt you can get a waiver from taking the classes or passing the tests. You can always ask to be certain though. Good luck!
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    I can not answer if special exceptions can be made, but at least one semester of courses that take place in the pool are general requirements for graduation.
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    This is a question where you need to go to the authority. Contact CGA admissions directly and ask them. I can understand why you'd hesitate to, but you could be putting yourself in a dangerous situation if you aren't up front in your application.
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