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    So I am not sure if this is going to be an issue yet, but I was offered an AFROTC scholarship and was checking the deadline for accepting it. I noticed that when you accept it, you need to provide proof of being admitted to a school with the major you chose for AFROTC. I chose aerospace engineering, physics, and mechanical engineering as my top 3 (in that order). The issue is that mechanical and aerospace are so similar that many schools just have one department that covers both, while some schools distinguish the two majors. I am wondering if the scholarship only applies to my top choice (aerospace) or if I can attend a school like UC Berkeley where the aerospace program falls under the scope of the mechanical engineering major.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!
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    You can pick whatever major (of those you listed) unless it says something different on the form you need to fill out to accept the scholarship. Mine just had a form where you check a box next to which major you choose and then fill in the code (if I remember correctly). On your scholarship letter, it should say what it is for. Mine just said Technical. Anyway, I'm a Mechanical Engineering major and it is true, the mechanical and aerospace are very close. Actually I'm a sophomore and I just declared an Aerospace minor. (better than going through the hassle of switching majors while on contract...:p) Unless the scholarship letter says differently, I think you're safe with either.
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    First off, congrats on the scholarship!!

    Your portal should update eventually to show whether the scholarship you received was Technical or Non Tech. Judging by your top 3 choices, I'm assuming you were awarded a Tech scholarship. This just means that you must major in something classified as Technical at whatever school you apply the scholarship to. Either the 1st or 2nd official letter you recieve will contain a list of the majors that are considered Technical by the Air Force. It will list all of them. Even if your top choice listed on your application was AE, you are perfectly able to chose ME or Physics or any other Technical major you want. AFROTC scholarships are not tied to any specific major, they are tied to specific types of majors (i.e. Tech, Non Tech, Critical Language).

    If, later on, you decide oh Aerospace or Mechanical engineering is not for me, but find that another Technical major suits you better you can switch majors pretty easily. As long as your academic plan shows you can graduate in 5 years or less and you stay within the Tech spectrum, it will most likely be approved. It's best to do any switching before freshman year is over, but I know of two or three 2nd years (on scholarship) who recently switched from AE to another Tech field. It's best though to figure these things out early, I'd suggest taking whatever intro class you have for your major early so you can see if it's really what's right for you. Not that you are having any doubts, this is just in case you had any questions about it.


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