Choosing School


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Aug 20, 2008
Anyone have any advice/opinions on which schools and NROTC units are better.

Currently I am placed in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's NROTC unit but am considering changing it to either Purdue or Illinois. I have a full 4-year Scholarship but am having a little trouble deciding where i want to go.

Any comments are much appreciated thanks.
What are you planning to study? Are you able to visit them all?

Everything at Embry Riddle is aeronautics, which is great if that is your interest. I thought their campus was just so-so, but lab facilities are very good. They seem to have invested a lot in their labs--it is such an expensive school they should have great facilities. It is one of the schools my son is considering as well and quite frankly, he didn't love the visit there. (Just our personal experience.) Very large ROTC program, though.

My brother graduated from Purdue with his undergrad in Applied Physics--LOVED IT. He has had a great military career (Air Force) which started with ROTC there--a very good experience. He has been able to pursue several Master's degrees and was well-prepared for graduate work. Purdue has a wonderful campus and their Physics and Engineering are very good. I believe they also have some high-level unique research facilities that are not common to other schools.

I don't know anything about your other college choice, though. If you can visit all of your choices, talk to other students, sit in on classes, etc., it should really help you make up your mind. I know it isn't always possible to visit, but it could save you from making a mistake.

Good luck and congrats on your scholarship!