Chuck Grassley


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Jan 1, 2017
Hi, I am a freshman in high school and I was wondering if anyone had gotten their nomination from Chuck Grassley and how easy it was working with him. Thanks
When you get to about spring of your junior year you can start working on an application for Grassley. He does competitive nominations, same with Ernst. This means they both submit 10 names to the SA, SA picks the slate winner. Nether Grassley or Ernst do interviews, although Ernst does have you submit a short video. No interviews means they pick their slate strictly based on the applications. You should visit both Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst's websites as there is a lot of information available, although you've got a lot of time until you can start working on an application. Your main focus right now should be class rank, test scores, leadership, athletics. If you focus on those you can have a pretty competitive file by the time you're ready to start applying.