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Jan 2, 2008
Is anyone else having trouble logging into the CIS today? DS tried this morning and he couldn't get in. He's a candidate for 2012, and yes, we are still waiting...need a waiver. I wonder if it has anything to do with the preliminary application for 2013 being available today?
My D is still waiting also. Just tried to log in and was able to get on so maybe all is ok now. Starting feel pretty darn lonely out here in waiting mode though. :frown:
Our son is in the waiting stage as well. I don't think he checked it this morning so I don't know if it was working for him but Is there anything even on the CIS system that would be changing at this point that would cause him to be wanting to check it?
CIS is available online, again

Had trouble accessing it early this morning but re-checked this afternoon with successful results.:thumb:
My dd is still waiting for a medical waiver, too.... OK'd by NROTC, no word from USNA.