Citadel 2013


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Jan 25, 2009
Anyone going to The Citadel next year for sure?
yup I'm going


I'm visiting April 2-3rd and I'll probably be the only dude there lol, 2% Asian oh joy!!

See you there fellow knobs. 2013 BABY!!
Excellent, that makes 3 of us so far. Anyone else?
Oh yeah, you guys are going to have a grand time.

Hey, I'm still borderline about it?
Have any other girls been accepted to The Citadel yet or are Cadets or Alumni?
Last Friday we were at the Citadel and saw a female

senior receive the Douglas McArthur award for outstanding leadership, military something-or-other, etc. It was a very big award apparently.

She plans to become an officer in the Marine Corps.

There were quite a few female cadets in the ranks and we also noticed that there were several females who were in positions of leadership.
I saw some female cadets when i visited this year too. Some were officers as well. For my pre-knob visit there were only like 25 kids and only one female among them, but i believe there are over 125 or so in the Corp as a whole.

mwbluebeard, how was your visit? Do you think your son did well in his interviews?
i've visited twice and both times there were girls visiting as well, the first time i think there may have been two and the second time there were three, but they're defiantly present among the cadets.
That's good. I'm going down there on Spring Break and I just wanted to know what I was going to expect and a preview into what I would face if I decided to go there.
Citadel Class of 2013

Hey Gang

Class of 2013
PreKnob visit March 19th
I was accepted Aug 26th, if you have not? send your deposit in to save your slot. Get your medical information sent in and keep your grades up.
Very tough school rich in tradition.
I have a NROTC 4 yr Scholarship.
Hey Gang

Class of 2013.. I was accepted late Aug 2008.
Send in deposit asap to reserve your slot. You can get a refund if you do not matriculate. Get your medical information sent in as well.
Great school, tough, rich in tradition and history.
I have a 4 year NROTC Scholarship. March 19th Preknob visit
cool cool I'm going to pre-knob visit April 4

I guess I'll be seeing you there rain?
I just got my acceptance letter, better late than never. I'll see you all in August.