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    Hey Everyone,

    Hate to be one of those "What are my chances" people, but I figured I'd do it anyway...

    Just wondering what anybody thought my chances at admission for The Citadel and VMI were.

    Mini Resume:

    Malden Catholic High School Class of 2012
    Malden, MA Current GPA: 3.9
    • Current GPA of 3.9.
    • Maintained honor roll status for 10/11 quarters.
    • Classes include AP English Language/Composition, AP U.S. History, Honors Physics, and Honors Spanish 3.
    • Tenative Classes for senior year: AP Spanish, AP Physics, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Computer Science, Honors Precalculus/Calculus.
    • 2010 and 2011 gold medal recipient on National Spanish Exam.
    • Nominated to Boy’s State.
    • Admitted to USAF Academy Summer Seminar 2011.
    • Composite PSAT score: 183
    • SAT Scores: 590 M, 590 CR, 580 W
    • Top 25% of in my class.

    Extra Curricular Activities – Sports
    • Malden Catholic Hockey Team – Freshman Hockey, Junior Varsity Hockey (Captain; Assistant Athletic director selected me because he thought I "lead by example") – dual position player (forward and defense).
    • Lynnfield, MA U-16 Fall season team 2009 and 2010. (Assistant captain) Head coach selected me because of my skills for "leading the team with passion and integrity."
    • Hockey Night in Boston two- time All-Star Selection with 9 goals and 11 assists in 10 games.
    • Junior Varsity Golf.

    Extra Curricular Activities – Clubs
    • Spanish Club
    • Lancer Spirit Life Club
    • Lancers-in-Action Club (Officer)
    • Model Congress Club
    • Roller Hockey Club
    • Sports Management Club
    • Running for Student Council chairman position

    • Presenter of gifts for MC masses
    • Participated as a Leader for Shadow Day kids (Prospective students applying to MC)
    • Tour Guide for MC Open House
    • Co-Chair for the Toy Drive at MC
    • Confirmation class lector
    • Annual Quiz Bowl Room Coordinator at MC
    • Homeroom Representative
    • Lymphoma Walk committee member (Wakefield, MA)
    • Assistant at Sunday Bingo clean-up
    • Academic Tutor for a freshman at Lynnfield High School (2 hr/week)
    • Personal Baseball tutor for an autistic child (4hr/week)
    • Annual participant in Walk for Hunger, Relay for Life, and Light the Night

    Work Experience

    Customer Service Associate, KPM Marine Amesbury, MA June 2009 – Present
    • Provide service and registration phone support for clients, and regularly manage inventory

    Sales Associate, Rockport Nautical Rockport, MA June 2010 – August 2010
    • Sales, customer service, inventory control
    Delivery/Customer Service Rep, D’Errico McGlynn
    • Deliver Flowers, Answer phones/take orders/ Process flowers Medford,MA
    June 2009-Present

    Thanks Everyone :smile:,
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    With your resume, you should probably check to see if you have any outstanding arrest warrants that you don't know about if you can't get into VMI or the Citadel.

    Also, though this really won't apply to you; the only difference betweeen a cadet at each respective school is that only one was accepted to VMI. I'll let you figure out which I go to. (Sorry, I'm a little biased)

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do, both schools are great, but you will definitely have smaller class sizes at the "I".
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    MartinP: Best way to answer this for VMI is to let you see what the profile of the class of 2014 was- I've extracted below- you can see the full profile at

    My understanding is that for the class of 2015, the average HS GPA was about 3.51- they won't post that till this fall after the Rats matriculate.

    I've PMed you as well. good luck and welcome to the forum:thumb:

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    I actually thought it was spelled "Shoe-in," as in you have your foot in the door. However, some research reveals that the correct usage is "Shoo-in."

    I never knew that.
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    Can't speak to VMI as son did not apply there. If you apply early to the Citadel you may have an opportunity to compete for the Honors Program and the all important scholarships. I believe that they have three separate dates that you can interview. Selected students will be offered scholarships a month or so after the interview date. My understanding is the earlier you compete the better your chances for scholarships. With that in mind son did not interview until Febuary (late application) he still received a scholarship but he did not know until later that the emphasis seems to be on SC and early application students. My only suggestion is that for a scholarship you may want to bring your standardized test scores up. The kids he interviewed with all seemed to have strong scores. Good Luck
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    Waltham to malden

    Hey malden!! I'm originally from Medford - I'm the MOM. My son is Class of 2015 Citadel. Getting ready this week to take him. We are from Waltham. Everything looks great. You have done well. The only thing that you really need to beef up on is your Community Service - outside of school! Have you ever heard of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets, Mass Bay Division. Get involved outside in the community - Go online and search search search for local organizations and things to do. Academically you have an a fantastic chance! Also you should know there is a scholarship - 3 FULL year - The Joseph D. Aiken Scholarship for a student from New England. My son won it through the Scholars Competition at the Citadel. Please feel free to ask anymore questions you like - from one local to another.. we'd love to help.

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