Citadel AROTC Scholarship Question

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    Jul 29, 2012
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    My first and foremost goal upon entering the academic year at The Citadel will be securing a scholarship, as I've hinted to in previous posts. I've read that at many colleges there's always a few 4 year scholarship cadets that failed the initial APFT and have their scholarship "recycled" to another, non-scholarship cadet, sometimes very early in the academic year. I've also heard about 3.5 year scholarships as well. If I score, from what I believe to be a good estimate, around a 230-ish on the initial PT test, and do above average in freshman academics, could I plausibly see one of these likley uber-sought-after scholarships? If it helps at all, I will also be entering The Citadel with over 35 credit hours. Any information, experience, or insight is greatly appreciated.
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    My roommate got a AROTC scholarship in the middle of knob year. Its definitely possible to get one.

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