Citadel Honors Program?

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    Does anyone know what the admissions standards are for the Honors Program at the Citadel? and any general impressions about the quality and rigor of the program generally? My son (freshman in highschool) is very intersted in the program...Thanks...
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    If you make mostly As in HS and have good SAT scores you should definitely apply.
    - There is a long application that you have to fill out (if I remember right it was much longer that the application to get into El Cid)
    - You must do a personal interview with the Honors Program Director, Dr. Rhodes
    It is definitely worth it. The Honors courses are my hardest courses but you learn a lot more than just the main information, and you think outside the box. The classes are mostly Socratic Seminars where we all share and learn information.

    It is definitely worth it- all of the honors students are closer to each other than the normal corps (at least that has been my experience). It is definitely worth it- although you definitely have to put in the extra time to study for the courses.

    - Current Honors Student
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    DS was accepted to and participated in the honors program as a freshman. He dropped it as a sophomore. The honors program is geared toward non stem majors. Dr. Rhodes advised DS that it is almost impossible to graduate with honors since the engineering dept (DS's major) does not offer honors electives and cadets in engineering and math do not have enough open electives to take honors courses outside their majors.

    So while he found the classes interesting, the program was not a good fit for his major.

    If your DS ends up at The Citadel, I would suggest that he confirm that his course of study is compatible with receiving an honor degree.
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    I would like to clear up this misconception. In the last group of entering Honors Program freshmen at The Citadel, for instance, we had 24 students. Among them were a healthy number of STEM majors:

    2 Electrical Engineering majors
    2 Chemistry majors
    5 Mechanical Engineering majors
    2 Civil Engineering majors
    2 Physics majors
    2 Biology majors

    So, over half of our freshmen are majoring in science or engineering. This year, the Honors Program will graduate students majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biology, and Physics. Others will receive degrees in Modern Languages, Political Science, History, and Criminal Justice. Really, our students are all over the map when it comes to their majors.

    --Jack W. Rhodes
    Director, The Citadel Honors Program
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    Thank you Dr Rhodes for the feedback- please feel free to post more often!! . The Citadel honors program is an excellent and well recognized program for some very gifted and hardworking young men and women.

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