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    Im a senior graduating in June and I received a letter from the Citadel Admissions department about a week ago (I had applied in September). The letter said that I had not been accepted due to space availability, but my name would be put into a pool of candidates that had also not been accepted but were still up for a possible spot in the class if space opens up.

    When I got this letter I didn't know whether to take it as a rejection or an acceptance. It still has me up in the air because this is the third time I have received something and not been given a straight answer on my status. Does anybody know of anything I can do to better my chances of gaining a spot in the class for next fall?

    GPA-3.489 out of 5.000
    APs & Honors classes taken
    Sports: Tennis & Golf
    Volunteer: Habitat for Humanity, school volunteer opportunities

    Thanks, Zach
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    I would call the admissions department. Perhaps they could tell you how to make yourself more competitive or how many people are in this pool of applicants.

    In the coming weeks many people will be finalizing their college plans. Some will decide not to go to The Citadel, so there will be some spots opening up. So you may still get admitted.

    Good luck to you

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