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    I will be attending The Citadel and I have a question about arriving on matriculation day. I am from out of state (Illinois) and was wondering how most out of state students traveled to matriculation day. Would it be better to drive there or would it be better to fly and have my stuff shipped there. I was told by the Citadel that if we shipped stuff there, I would not be able to access it for 2 days. Just wanted to get some input.

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    Been a little while since I was a knob, but I will say that being able to have access to your stuff and moving it all in on Matriculation Day will make hell week much easier, biggest reason being that you won't have time to access your stuff any other time regardless of the ability to go get it. They will store everything you bring in a warehouse across campus from the barracks. Its a long walk and you won't have anything except your own two hands to move everything; I don't recommend it. However, if the hassle of a cross country drive with everything piled into a vehicle is even more inconvenient, then obviously that is a better option.
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    Hey man I will also be attending The Citadel but I'm from South Carolina and so I'm a lot closer. We are driving down the 13th and spending two nights in a hotel (scholarship meetings the 14) Honestly I would drive if I were you and maybe come down a day or two early just to have everything squared away, but I am pretty OCD about stuff like that so thats just me. Good luck to you! Hopefully I will see you around!
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    You likely will want access to your personal items right away. It is unlikely you will want or be able to have the time to pick up shipped items for quite awhile - my advice is have someone drive you down and drop you and luggage off. Also - you should be looking at The Citadel website and reading the Commandant's list of information for Matriculation Day. You can also look at the Parents Association web page for helpful hints. But definitely read now the Commandant's list of info. Good luck!
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    Good luck to you at the Citadel and if you see a guy by the name of Gill beware. He is nice on the inside but intense on the outside.

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