Citadel-Possible Post Acceptance Schedule Change

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    Im accepted Citadel and plan to attend. Ive already had to contact the admissions office once about changes since my application(disciplinary record, they understood). I want to drop a honors probs stats course, i have a schedule full of AP's already and a challenging athletic schedule, combined with time spent on scholarship apps and SAT boosting Ill be running short on time to do well in the course ( i took it cause it was on VMI's course list, its not on the Citadels for my major). I believe the Citadel policy is to ask advice before changes, would it reflect poorly on me? or is it even a valid concern/idea to start with? I'm lookin for some advice here
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    I would call the admissions officer and ask for an opinion from them, but I wouldn't mention that list of reasons, except for the one about that course appearing on VMI's required list, and not on Citadel's. (In other words, don't make it sound like you're "too busy" to take it.)

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